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A selection of images in vibrant full colour in varying lighting conditions and times of day. Regardless of weather colour is all around at weddings and plays an important part of the theme of a wedding. Colour choice from the Wedding dress and all bridal accessories through to the Groom and Ushers, set the theme of a wedding. Venue choice, decor and lighting all add an enhancement to colourful weddings if a complimenting colour match is achieved. It doesn’t always work or happen but it makes all the difference in resulting images. Personally I love colour with all its variables. A play of light with back-lighting or directional warm light can change the whole atmosphere of pictures. From a photography viewpoint I used to dislike the colour temperature of tungsten or fluorescent lighting, now I see it as it is as exploit it in capture. I never shy from any colour variables in lighting and love the warmth it can give to the atmosphere of a wedding. Colour in the way we see it. If that’s not your personal preference please also take a look at my Monochrome Portfolio, classic, timeless, romantic Monochrome
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